We are thrilled to introduce EVO Fusion Digital Dentures, a revolutionary leap in dental technology.

Improve your practice with these 5 reasons why you should choose EVO Fusion:

1. Unparalleled Precision: EVO Fusion utilizes advanced digital technologies for denture design, ensuring an impeccable fit, improved comfort, and heightened patient satisfaction.

2. Advantage of Printed Try-in for Enhanced Functionality: The Evo Fusion digital denture offers a distinct advantage with its printed try-in feature. This functionality allows dentists to assess the fit, lateral movements and aesthetics of the denture, using a stable Try-in, before finalization. This ensures optimal functionality and patient comfort by allowing adjustments on this printed try-in denture.

3. Reproducibility Leveraging Digital Files: With Evo Fusion, the digital workflow is not just efficient; it also enables reproducibility. The availability of digital files ensures the possibility of precise replication of dentures.

4. Flexible Workflow Options – Digital and Conventional: Evo Fusion provides a versatile solution by offering both digital and conventional workflows. Dentists can seamlessly transition to digital processes, using the Lo Russo retractors for a 100% digital chairside workflow, while still having the flexibility to work conventionally if preferred.

5. Advantage of Twin Denture Approach: The Twin Denture feature of Evo Fusion presents a time-saving and resource-efficient approach. By using the existing denture as a reference and taking impressions within the old denture, the need for individual trays or bite plates is eliminated. This not only simplifies the process but also ensures accurate results based on the patient’s existing denture in terms of fit and correct bite.

Evo Fusion is a comprehensive digital denture solution, addressing functional, reproducibility, workflow flexibility, and efficiency aspects for dentists and their patients.

Learn about the benefits of EVO Fusion Digital Dentures and find out more about the 5 indications in our informative brochure.