You are already in the future with this device!

5 Reasons why you should start using a RAYFace scanner

1. Lightningfast single-shot scanning: RAYFace’s cutting-edge technology scans the face in just 0.05 seconds, providing a quick and efficient process that saves dental professionals and patients time.

2. Auto-alignment: RAYFace uses advanced AI technology to automatically align your virtual patient’s face scan with IOS data and CBST data, creating a 3D virtual patient analyzed using cutting-edge facially driven technology for aesthetic and smile design. An auto-generated virtual Facebow!

3. Face-driven treatment: a unique approach to dental treatment that focuses on creating a natural balance between facial features and teeth, resulting in a personalized and natural-looking smile.

4. Enhancing Communications: RAYFace is the most efficient communication tool with your patients and partners. RAYFace may helpful not only to communicate smoothly between dentists and patients, but also to share virtual patient data to your Lab via our the type platform, RAYTeams.

5. Seamless Integration into Digital Workflows: In the era of digital dentistry, seamless integration is key. RAYFace scanners are engineered to effortlessly integrate into existing digital workflows, facilitating a smooth transition for dentists embracing digital solutions.

When to use RAYFace?

RAYFace will improve our cases because we start planning in the face. The face is what really makes the smile. For all these indications, RAYFace brings us added value:

1. PROSTHETIC PLANNING (DSD): midline, canting, incisal angle, smile line

2. MULTIPLE CASES: occlusal plane, canting, occlusal movement


4. TrioClear™ alignment cases: RAYFace can be used to perform face driven alignment