Dr. Jonas Peeters

Case report EVO Fusion & Lo Russo retratcors

More and more dentists now understand the benefits of EVO FUSION digital prostheses. The use of the unique Lo Russo retractors and the associated scanning strategy are creating a real revolution.

Until recently, the digital prosthesis was only truly digital on the production side. In the lab, the entire production process has already been digitized, which leads to a stronger, better-fitting prosthesis. However, the conventional steps of impression-taking were still performed on the chair side because the soft mucosa, moving parts, especially in the lower jaw, are difficult to scan. Scanning a conventional impression with an IOS was the “digital” option. Thanks to the Lo Russo retractors, an edentulous jaw can now be scanned in a passive state. Individual trays and impressions have become things of the past.

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