DR. T.N. Kwee

Case Report TrioClear™ and F.I.T Treatment

Taco Kwee is a dental implantologist. He studied dentistry at Catholic University Nijmegen, where he graduated in 2004 at the age of 24. Since 2016, he has focused on reconstructive (restorative) dentistry in addition to implantology. He is currently in the final phase of his training as a Restorative Dentist NVVRT. Besides all this, Taco is a guest fellow at ACTA and a volunteer at the Kruispost in Amsterdam. There, he supervises dental students in performing consultations and extractions on undocumented people who do not have access to regular oral care.

In this case he uses TrioClear™ in a challenging case. Aligner therapy is providing the opportunity to align teeth and improve the occlusion before restoring them with TrioClear™ he aligned the elements to restore the occlusion in cooperation with F.I.T. Forma® Injection Technique. After TrioClear™, F.I.T. was used to improve the class II and to restore the length and function of the elements.