ELETRA SMART & TrioClear™ – A Perfect Match!

ELETRA SMART’s intraoral scanner technology provides accurate and efficient digital impressions, contributing to the success of TrioClear™ treatments.



With patient comfort as the top priority, ELETRA SMART is designed to eliminate the discomfort often associated with large scanner heads. Its compact size provides a pleasant experience, allowing accurate and precise scanning with a wide scanning field and exceptional color detection capabilities.

One of the ELETRA SMART’s most striking features is its ability to capture even the most difficult areas within seconds. This ensures a comprehensive and efficient scanning process, eliminating the need for repeated scans and reducing the time spent in the chair by both patient and practitioner. Moreover, the brightness of the scan can be easily enhanced with a single click.

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Why TrioClear™?

TrioClear™ is an advanced orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners to straighten teeth discreetly. It focuses on precision, comfort, and innovation, setting it apart from other options. The aligners are tailored to fit perfectly around your teeth, ensuring that every movement contributes to achieving your desired smile. Unlike traditional braces or other aligner brands, TrioClear™ aligners prioritize your comfort without compromising on effectiveness, thanks to their ultra-smooth 3-layer construction.

Additionally, TrioClear™ utilizes advanced technology such as RAYFace scan and conebeam simulations, allowing you to visualize your progress and setting a new standard for orthodontic innovation.

TrioClear™ treatment with ELETRA SMART

All these features contribute to an improved experience for patients starting a TrioClear™ treatment. The integration of ELETRA SMART with TrioClear™ aligners has significant benefits for both dental professionals and patients. Thanks to the scanner’s remarkable speed and accuracy, the time required for making digital impressions is significantly reduced. The precision of the scans contributes to a more accurate treatment plan and therefore better fitting aligners, resulting in greater patient comfort and better final results.

By reducing scan time, increasing precision and increasing patient engagement, ELETRA SMART plays a crucial role in optimizing the journey to a perfect smile with TrioClear™ aligners.