OptiShade – 2 types of shade taking

The OptiShade serves two primary purposes:

Firstly, it is used for the precise measurement of individual L.a.b coordinates. These coordinates are utilized in our production lab to generate a personalized ceramic layering scheme, specifically tailored for the most challenging anterior cases – essentially, to facilitate the ordering of an OptiCrown.

Secondly, the OptiShade functions as an accurate digital shade-taking device. It produces the “closest match” result by comparing captured data to a database of recognized dental shade guides such as VITA classical, VITA 3D, Chromascop, etc. In essence, the OptiShade evaluates the result against these shade guides and indicates the corresponding reference VITA shade.

This dual functionality means that the OptiShade is versatile, suitable not only for achieving aesthetically perfect outcomes in the anterior zone but also for various other indications where a digital shade guide can prove handy. For example, it can be utilized to determine the shade of an existing crown, bridge, or denture, aiding in the selection of the appropriate VITA shade for new ordering purposes.