Ready for the game-changer in intraoral scanning?

The ELETRA SMART intraoral scanner is a professional device specifically designed to simplify the scanning process in dentistry. It incorporates everything essential for contemporary dentistry, including precision, speed, and comfort.

With its superior technology, the ELETRA SMART scanner is fast, powerful, accurate, and precise. It is also user-friendly and available at a smart price.

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One of the key features of the ELETRA SMART scanner is its self-developed projector module and specialized processors. This enables the scanner to emit a light encoding that facilitates the scanning of flat surfaces like gums.

Additionally, the scanner’s material recognition capabilities make it easier to scan various substances such as metal, resins, and soft tissues. This advanced technology is known as “coded structure light technology” (CSL). By focusing on scanning performance, the ELETRA SMART scanner greatly improves the scanning experience.

The calibration process of the ELETRA SMART scanner is entirely automated. It seamlessly occurs without any intervention from the user and takes just a few minutes. The automated box connected to the USB port of your computer ensures a hassle-free calibration experience.

The ELETRA SMART intraoral scanner offers a comprehensive set of features and benefits for both dental professionals and patients. Its advanced technology, streamlined design, and automated calibration make it a reliable and indispensable choice in digital dentistry.