TrioClear™ impressed at the 3rd TPAO Congress in Hamburg on 24-25 November 2023

During the 3rd TPAO Congress, internationally recognized orthodontist and TrioClear™ Europe product manager Dr. Marie-Pierre Moulin-Romsee, Permadental Managing Director Klaus Spitznagel, and an experienced team of aligner experts, spent two days answering interesting questions from trade visitors at the 3rd TPAO Congress. In short presentations and in dialogue with many trade visitors, the TrioClear™ team fascinated them with an intensive transfer of knowledge about TrioClear™ -one of the world’s most modern aligner systems. Interest in the TrioClear™ online portal and the intuitive iDesign simulation for digital treatment planning remained high until the end of the congress.

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At the TPAO congress, the TrioClear™ team presented the need and use of pre-restorative alignment therapy

One of the major challenges in restorative dentistry is to provide optimal esthetics in a minimally invasive way. The optimization of dental esthetics and function is directly related to the position and alignment of the anterior teeth. Pre-restorative clear aligner therapy needs to be used to enhance esthetics and minimize restorative needs.

These are the mean indications for pre-resto alignments:

1 Spacing and clearance use: crowding, a diastema, hypodontia and partial edentulism, and microdontia (ie peg laterals).

2. Abraded teeth: with or without loss of vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO).

3. Position and alignment of teeth to allow more conservative tooth reduction for direct or indirect restorative treatment.

4. Gingival disharmony: excessive gingival visibility, discordant levels, as well as architecture and imperfect contours.

5. Orthodontic extrusion to create a nonsurgical ferrule to restore root canal/ endodontic treatment-treated teeth with root posts.

6. Correction of occlusal surface and improved envelope of function.

7. Repositioning of teeth to make clearance for implant placement, change of implant location, and forced eruption to improve bone level.