Exclusive Offer: Connect Your Scanner to Our App and Claim Your Free TrioClear™ Case!

Trioclear™ integration

TrioClear™ Integration Application on Medit Link or 3Shape

Introducing the game-changing solution you’ve been waiting for – TrioClear™’s seamless scan file transfer!

Imagine never wasting precious chair time transferring scan files again. With our cutting-edge technology, there’s no need for any hassle or delay.

Here’s the exciting part – did you know that we offer an immediate link from your Medit or 3Shape scanner to the TrioClear™ submission platform? That’s right! Say goodbye to the days of tedious manual transfers.

All it takes is a simple download of the TrioClear™ app from your  Medit apps, and you’re ready to go. For the 3Shape unite you can easily connect your scanner from the TrioClear™ platform. Seamlessly connect your scanner to our platform, and watch the magic happen. Instantly, all your scan files will be effortlessly transferred to the right place in your patient file. 

No more headaches, no more wasted time. TrioClear™ has revolutionized the scanning process, putting convenience and efficiency at the forefront.

So why wait? Take advantage of our game-changing technology today and experience the effortless scan file transfer you deserve. Download the TrioClear™ app now and unlock a world of seamless connectivity.

Link your scanner to our app and claim your free TrioClear™ case. This offer stands till the 31st of December 2023. You need to be a TrioClear™ provider before you can connect the scanner.

Trioclear™ integration

Simple, fast & reliable workflow

Intraoral Scan



Perform patient scan using intraoral scanners and simply transfer files to TrioClear Doctor Submission Portal.

Submit case on the TrioClear Doctor Submission Portal

Files sent from Medit Link are automatically uploaded to cloud storage and the Submission Portal.

Review treatment plan on the Submission Portal

View, modify & approve 3D simulated treatment plan by using Trio iDesign on the Submission Portal.

Produce and deliver TrioClear aligners


TrioClear aligners are then under production and sanitization process and will be shipped to your practice address.

Video integration with Medit

Integration with 3Shape

Become a provider

Become a provider

Before being able to claim your free case for connecting your scanners, you need to become a provider. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the promo code. After filling in the form you will get some education about TrioClear™ and the platform. If you are already a provider please fill in the TrioClear™ integration form to get your free case.

Connect your scanner to our app now and claim a free TrioClear™ case

TrioClear™ Integration