What level of accuracy do you expect for a full arch scan?

The ELETRA SMART intraoral scanner stands out in terms of its speed, power, accuracy, and precision, all thanks to its superior technology. This advanced scanner is capable of delivering faster and more compact scans, with enhanced accuracy and minimized errors in the final image.

It offers exceptional precision and the ability to work with incredible accuracy. For instance, when it comes to single crown, the ELETRA SMART scanner achieves an impressive accuracy of 7μm.

Even for a Full Jaw scan, which typically tolerates an accuracy of up to 100μm, the scanner excels with an impressive 30μm accuracy. This level of precision allows for precise and accurate treatment planning.

In addition to its outstanding performance, the ELETRA SMART scanner also prioritizes user-friendliness and affordability. It offers intuitive operation and a practical pricing structure, making it an attractive solution for dental professionals looking to enhance their practice without breaking the bank.

The inclusion of material recognition enhances the scanning process for a variety of dental materials, including metal, resins, and soft tissue. This ensures accurate and reliable results for a wide range of dental procedures.


Choosing an intraoral scanner with encoded structured light technology is an investment in the accuracy, efficiency, and future-readiness of your dental practice. The ELETRA SMART intraoral scanner combines exceptional performance, user-friendly operation, and advanced features to provide you with the necessary tools to deliver optimal care to your patients.