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Evo Fusion

Frames & protheses

Welcome to our guide on the latest technology in digital dentures. EVO FUSION denture provides state-of-the-art prosthetics through an intelligent workflow and increases cost-effectiveness in practice. Reduce your treatment time and take advantage on these benefits:

• Better fit, less pressure spots
• No polymerisation shrinkage
• Predictable results
• Functional Try-in
• Stonger, monobloc
• Easy to reproduce
• No need to change your protocol


Would you be interested in experiencing the EVO Fusion workflow and product?

Learn more about the 5 indications in our brochure:

  • EVO Fusion Denture
  • EVO Fusion Twin
  • EVO Fusion Immediate
  • EVO Fusion Partial
  • EVO Fusion Overdenture


Evo Fusion


The digital dentures are individually designed and customized. Starting by creating the digital models, removing any artifacts, borders and surveying. The system features extensive tooth libraries in addition to sample tooth set-ups, the designers really see where they position the teeth on the arch, which is more difficult when using conventional methods as there is always wax inbetween. We can adjust using morphing tools, various set-up functions and also the latest gingiva designs. We also use the virtual articulator function to check the lateral movements and occlusion. A big advantage here is: all these individual patient data are stored and can easily be adjusted if needed.

Explore the practical application of the Evo Twin Case


Checking fit, function, lateral movements and occlusion with this FUNCTIONAL TRY-IN.

During the trial appointment for the dentures, the phonetics, aesthetics, and vertical dimensions should be checked using the stable Try-in. At the time of insertion, we need to evaluate: the retention, stability, occlusion, teeth arrangement, overall aesthetics, and patient satisfaction. The Try-in has the same good fit as the final denture can be modified and scanned using your IOS. The Try-in will be made entirely of a tooth-colored resin material with a color similar to A2. No pink base is provided for this functional fitting phase.



• Stable and relevant
• Functional Try-In
• Same fit and stability as final denture
• Real try out to speak and eat
• Check lateral movements
• Teeth are not loose like in wax
• Possible to grind, adapt and rescan towards the final
• Changes can be communicated on the V-Diagramm



• Please enter any desired modifications for the next
step (try-in/definitive denture) here.
• Mark desired modifications of the Incisal length or
vertical position for each individual anterior tooth.
• Please click directly on the lines.
• Changes can be communicated on the V-Diagramm



We use white and pink discs both of high-quality tooth and denture base materials for the fabrication of the EVO Fusion removable dentures using the “oversize technique”. This is a manufacturing process where we mill in 2 phases this eliminates errors from the bonding process.

The materials, the CAD and CAM software and the milling machines, they all work together smoothly to produce high-precision dentures of the finest quality.



Europe’s biggest denture milling centre.

Three alternatives exist for the initial impression phase:

  1. Opt for the traditional method of taking a physical impression and send it to us for digitization.
  2. Choose to take a physical impression and utilize your Intraoral Scanner (IOS) for scanning.
  3. Embrace a fully digital approach, eliminating the need for physical impressions, by employing the Lo Russo Retractors.

Lo Russo Retractors

Even more dentists discover now the benefits of the EVO FUSION digital dentures where the use of the unique Lo Russo retractors and the accompanying scanning strategy unleashes a true revolution.

Until recently, the digital prosthesis was only truly digital on the production side. In the lab, the entire
production process has already been digitized, which leads to a stronger, better fitting prosthesis.

However, the conventional steps of impression taking were still performed on the chair-side because
the soft mucosa, moving parts, especially in the lower jaw, are difficult to scan. Scanning a conventional impression with an IOS was the “digital” option.

Thanks to the Lo Russo retractors, an edentulous jaw can now be scanned in a passive state. Individual trays and impressions have become things of the past.

Exploring the practical application of the Lo Russo retractors for an EVO Fusion Denture?



Our Speaker: Roeland De Paepe
Head of Product Management at Modern Dental Europe Group

• No change to the dentist clinical procedure needed (traditional impressions and bite registration) or learn about Lo Russo retractors.

• The entire digital production process. This means it is predictable, accurate, consistent and reproducible.

• The use of high-quality materials, eliminating manual errors and avoiding shrinkage, EVO Fusion prosthetics have a better fit.

• Fewer appointments may be needed and the result is always better than conventional processing.